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Epiphone '61 casino reissue

Only two weeks old - too before long to tell.

The sound is unbelievable... the perfect midrange horns, you want to make to pick some Beatles or Chuck Berry has melodies bassy, but extremely pronounced with the attack, by a casino want to hear, and the neck pickup and the neck pickup is very thick.

If you a spirit, an own piece of rock history, read the Epiphone SG Special 50th Anniversary.Epiphone "1961" SG Special 50th anniversary P-90 LTD Edition solid body electric guitar features on a look: classic vintage StylingExceptional PlayabilityGenuine P-90 CrunchAmazingly affordable50th anniversary gepolsterter gig bag IncludedGet your own.Superb in almost every way, Limited 50th Anniversary 1961 Casino will surely make you a happy owner giving you the best value for money. Bright telecasters and strats, a fat Les Apostle of the Gentiles and a stentorian Epiphone casino for dissimilar flavors. Here's a smashing sounding limited variation casino from Epiphone, an ES-355 with a cherry red coating and a bigsby vibrato.

"I do not think that I would like to than the 14 RADIUS".Other electronics faithful to the original Casino include a SwitchcraftTM 3-way toggle and 14" output jack.

"Me Epiphone '61 Casino Reissue & Power Systems"

Epiphone '61 Support

Twospecially calibrated age Dun Alnico II magnets areattached to a precision metal spacer that transfers the magnetic field to thestrings through six pole Panhead parts.

The re-release is very expensive for what I would use it for.